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Products Catalog
Unipress Vacuum Press system
(cat. no. )

The pressable sytem, cost effective and precise restorations with PERFLEX PURE the highest performance polymers of the new era of non-metalic restorations

for the process of temporary or permanent crown and bridges, individual abutments, richmonds, veneers, frameworks, permanent screw-supported implant restorations.


The advantages;
non - metal restorations

light weight


re-creation of the natural teeth

resistante to breakage with elasticity like that of bone to

prevent unlike forces and damages to the implants

custom fit

no tissues irritation

non allergenic

aesthetically veneered with composites

easy to repair chair-side without the need of crowns removal



Scope of delivery:

*1 furnace unit

*1 control connecting power cable

*1 press ceramic table

*1 pair of furnace tweeers

*1 operating manual

*1 lift key

*1 spare fuse

*1 press kit with cylinders sizes of 100gr, and 200gr. + 12mm alumina plunger

*E-base: cylinder base 100gr and 200gr. + 1 13.1 alumina plunger

*1 connection air pressure tube

*30gr  Perflex pure M and P ingots and pellets

*15x100gr Univest investment powder  graphite free for pressing Perflex pure and  ceramics

*250ml Univest liquid for Univest powder

* 10 dispossable plungers for 2g

* 10 dispossable plungers for 3g


Unipress Manual - English

Perflex Unipress Instructions