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PEEK Compound: Today's Highest Performing Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastic


Indications: fixed crowns, bridges, and restorations over implants,

healing caps, veneers, over-dentures and telescopic dentures

This thermoplastic offers a biocompatible alternative to traditional metal and ceramic restorations for a wide range of appliances, including fixed crowns and bridges, implants, healing caps, abutments, and gingival formers.


• Alternative for zirconia, ceramic and metal

• Chairside repairs with conventional composites

• Allows for maintenance and repair without appliance removal

• Metal free, for no ion exchange or electrical conductivity

• Elasticity similar to that of bone

• Aesthetic white color

• Lightweight and natural looking

• Works with injection molding, pressing furnace - Unipress® and CAD/CAM

• Less pressure damage to implants and abutment teeth

• Resists breakage and cracking

• Suitable for permanent contact with tissue

• Veneered with composites and facet systems

• Available in pellets and discs for most CAD/CAM machines on the market


Multiple Processing Techniques

Besides bulk pellets, PerflexPureP® high performance polymer is available

in discs for CAD/CAM digital processing. Combining the advantages of PerflexPureP® with the efficiency of CAD/CAM processing allows for patient customized results with the ideal combination of precision, speed, aesthetics, and virtually unbreakable restorations. Available in 50 gr and 100 gr bulk jars,

and CAD/CAM disks of 98.5 mm diameter and 16, 20, and 24 mm thickness.