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Perflex T-Crystal The new concept of flexible dentures

Perflex T-Crystal The new concept of flexible dentures.

Perflex t -crystal the new revolutionary thermoplastic, is a semi-flexible noble BIOCOMPATIBLE thermoplastic material that bonds to conventional hot/cold cure acrylics, Is suitable for all kind of METAL FREE removable dentures and appliances:

IMPLANT-RETAINED OVERDENTURES. Which require strength and minimal degree of flexibility, now can be made without bulky metal frame constructions, since the material is rigid when is made for full dentures and flexible in thin parts as in clasps.

Thanks to the unnecessary metal frame works, rest a lot of place to design the most beautiful smile to fulfill with the patient satisfaction.

FULL DENTURES are thin, stress and impact resistant, lightweight aesthetic and retentive.

Partial dentures are made with a very short clasp, flexing into undercut not involving gums for adding retention and support.

*DAY & NIGHT -night guards can be used also by day, are made by totally transparent clear T-Crystal material.

UNILATERAL mini-dentures for permanent or temporary appliance during implant restoration.

Easy to polish and easy to clean.

Non-allergenic brings immediate comfort.

Perflex T-Crystal is the most advantaged and advanced aesthetic thermoplastic material of today modern dentistry for full immediate comfort and full satisfaction by the patients.