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Flexi Nylon
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Flexi Nylon

Quality new grade of flexible nylon thermoplastic

Perflex flexi nylon - Unbreakable is extremely resilient high-performance thermoplastic material for partial dentures, flippers mini-dentures, night guards, offering new advantages on performance, color stability, odor-less, with the ideal degree of flexibility and elastic memory while maintaining stability on both sides of the appliance.

Thanks to the high translucency of the material and the exact imitation of the hue shade color of the gums, this is the most NATURAL CHOICE UMBREACKABLE FLEXIBLE MATERIAL for an AESTHETIC flexible partial denture of today.

Can be repaired and relined by the fuse liquid technique/welding technique for addition of a tooth or a reline in the future.

PERFLEX FLEXI NYLON IS AVAILABLE in a variety of shades.

Many cases have been studied at Israeli Universities giving excellent results for special cases as: for pediatric cases, and facial rehabilitations devices (pictures of those cases can be sent by request).