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Biosens CAD
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Biosens is an aesthetically superior semi-flexible removable partial denture, which blends perfectly with the patient’s gums, providing better function, aesthetics, comfort and durability.


INDICATIONS: Invisible clear-transparent frameworks Full, partial and implant supported dentures, night guards, clasps and other dental appliances processed  by CAD/CAM milling machines for light weight, aesthetic non-metallic restorations.

*   Through CAD/CAM production, Biosens Cad  dentures eliminates the wax-up stage, investing,    casting and finishing

*  The process is fast, clean, precise and    cost-effective
*  After the milling process, the denture comes out    nearly finished, final polishing is easy with    minimal effort
*  Biosens Cad when used for any type of denture,    eliminates the need of metal reinforcements    and metal clasps, improving aesthetics and patient    comfort, avoiding the aesthetic compromise of    metal clasp, which is replaced with a transparent    translucent clasp
*   Clasps are flexible and tooth bearing
*   Occlusal rests stops setting in order to reduce sore     spots with less adjusting, grater functionality and          excellent retention
*   Comfortable immediate adaptation     by the patient
*   Virtually unbreakable
*   Biocompatible and non-allergenic
*   Light weight, durable and precise


Biosens Cad dentures and appliances can be relined or repaired in the lab or chair-side, with ANY conventional acrylics, and composites. A new clasp or tooth can be added with Biosens resin material to the existing denture using most of injection machines.

Disc dimensions: 98.5 – 16   98.5 - 20mm   98.5 - 24 with step and no\step.


For repairs by injection molding:

Aluminum cartridges available in small, medium, large and extra-large tubes, 22mm,25mm 28mm or in bulk jars of 200g and 1kg.

Discs Shades Available in transparent-clear & pink.

Intructions for use