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Products Catalog
(cat. no. 7000-3)

Dr Adjustment kit

The Dr. Adjusment kit is created for the Dentist with the correct tools to make fast adjustings and polishing chairside a thermoplastic denture.


Dr. ADJUSTMENT KIT:  (For Dentists) Cat. no. 7000-3


Cat. no. 55217        1White soft brush round

Cat. no. 55220        1Puff white brush

Cat. no. 55222        1Round small carbide

Cat. no. 55209        1Brown mounted stone

Cat. no. 55210        1Pink mounted stone small

Cat. no. 55211        1Pink mounted stone large

Cat. no. 55208        1Carbide flame

Cat. no. 55207        1Carbide torch

Cat. no. 55212        1Green mounted disk rubber wheel

Cat. no. 55213        1Green cylinder rubber point

Cat. no. 55214        1Gray jumbo silicon point

Cat. no. 55221        1Sample red Arti- foil articulating film red