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Products Catalog
Flexi Nylon - Bulk
(cat. no. 22001-22008)

Up-graded dental flexible thermoplastic for unbreakable partial dentures and appliances.

Stability is one of the most important advantages on Flexi Nylon thermoplastic; While the 2 sides of the denture are stable and not flex by one side, the appliance seats perfect and don't cause  any pain to the patient.

The appliance is firm and stable during mastication but flexible to add retention and facilities the path of insertion allowing to create the best aesthetic appliance

Low water absorption, color stability odor less and comfortable, while is invisible very aesthetic and very retentive. Flexi nylon can be repaired to add a tooth or clasps also to be relined with the same material without living any mark between the bonded parts.

Easy to polish and finish, a high luster final polish is remarkable in Flexi nylon flexible thermoplastic dentures, night guards, mini dentures, and appliances.

All Perflex thermoplastics are biocompatible, lightweight and non allergenic.

Catalog no.  Material Color Unit Packing
22001 Perflex Flexi Nylon Light Pink 1 kg Jar 
22002 Perflex Flexi Nylon Light Pink 200 gr Jar  + Box
22003 Perflex Flexi Nylon Standard Pink 1 kg Jar 
22004 Perflex Flexi Nylon Standard Pink 200 gr Jar  + Box
22005 Perflex Flexi Nylon Clear 1 kg Jar 
22006 Perflex Flexi Nylon Clear 200 gr Jar  + Box
22007 Perflex Flexi Nylon Purple Pink 1kg Jar 
22008 Perflex Flexi Nylon Purple Pink 200 gr Jar  + Box