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Smart 101-500
(cat. no. )

Smart 101 Automatic Air Injection Machine

Multi programmable, suitable for all thermoplastics types


Optimum results after injection:

Equal pressure for consistent and accurate results: stability in every thermoplastic denture.


Smart 101 super injector, with built in furnace is used to melt all kind of dental thermoplastics, giving the optimum results in quality and aesthetic appliances achieved with Perflex materials.


One of the many benefits of smart 101 injector includes a design that is intended for easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit, because it is inevitable that some thermoplastic residue will be released into the receptacle at some point throughout the use of the injector.

Residues will flow out true the holes of the flask bench of the injector, make it easy to keep it clean.



Inject with a button control.

Built - in furnace.

Self-purging system.

Easy clean up and maintenance of the unit.

Compact and easy to use.

Cost effective and low cost spare parts.




Yield: Approximately 30 cases per day

Weight: 25 kg

Dimensions: Height: 225mm

                     Width:  900mm

                     Depth:  260 mm


Available in 110v and 220v

Smart 101 Manual-ENGLISH

Smart 101 Manual-FRANCAIS

Perflex Smart 101-400