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About Perflex

Perflex develops new formulas of high performance, biocompatible thermoplastics for injection molding and tools, to simplify the working process in dental laboratories.


Flexi Nylon® - For flexible partials

Acetal® - For tooth shade colored clasps

T-crystal® - Semi-rigid for all kind of dentures, relinable with acrylic resin

Acryfree® - Non-allergenic elastic acrylic PMMA  for full and partial dentures, fixable and relinable with acrylic resin

Biosens®- The revolutionary new biocompatible rigid-elastic nylon thermoplastic for full and partial dentures - fixable and relinable using conventional acrylics of all types.

Thermofix®- Biocompatible, unbreakable thermoplastic for instant bite registrations and immediate impressions

Easy Clasp® pre-made adjustable thermoplastic clasps for quick and easy clasp repair for acrylic dentures.  


Perflex quality standards also meet the stringent specifications of the CE mark and the FDA.


Research and Development:

Perflex is proud to introduce its premium

rigid-elastic thermoplastic Biosens®, which bonds to acrylics and is suitable for all types of removable dentures, including transparent thermoplastic frame-works, and implant-retained over-dentures, without the need for a metal frame reinforcement.


Perflex creates A NEW CONCEPT OF AESTHETIC DENTURES, that do not involve the gums for retention and support of the appliance.


Biosens® is the most advanced thermoplastic for aesthetic removable dentures in today’s modern dentistry.

Our Vision

The Perflex Team is committed to solving all of your dentistry challenges with reliable, top-quality products.

When you are using Perflex LTD products you are placing your confidence in one of the most high-end companies in the dentistry world.