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T-CRYSTAL for semi-flexible partial dentures and full dentures on implants

The new thermoplastic METAL REPLACEMENT for today's modern dentistry.

Yes now it's possible. Perflex T crystal metal free dentures.

Perflex T-Crystal by PERFLEX is the best high tech top quality new thermoplastic compound, fabricated from a strong biocompatible nylon to replace missing one or more teeth, night guards, partial dentures, mini dentures full dentures over dentures ON IMPLANTS WITHOUT THE NEED OF A METAL STRUCTURE BEHIND, it means: FULL AESTHETIC DENTURES AND APPLIANCES. Because the material is rigid with engineered degree of flexibility as in metals, now you will have the best aesthetics comfortable healthy appliance in the world!

The new formula of Perflex T crystal semi-flexible thermoplastic material is created to bring higher aesthetics completely invisible, and the most comfortable appliance. The comfort of this appliance is immediately.

Durability and color stability, compounded with the top of the best components and anti-oxidants to helps maintain the appliance clean and translucent without odor or bacteria accumulation.

Adjustments: Can be done in minutes by the dentists in his office.

Perflex t crystal offer you the best you can get today as a removable appliance.

Perflex T crystal is the natural choice for a natural smile, the material is designed to bring you the best in aesthetics and comfort to fill natural,  you will looks grate,  smile with confidence , since T crystal dentures and appliances don't need any metal to be supported so a lot of room remains to design the appliance with the best conditions to create a perfect smile.

The transparency of Perflex T crystal is designed to simulate the gums color exactly as the color of your gums is, thanks to the translucency of the material and the exact tone color of the material exactly like natural gums.

The Flexibility of t crystal will bring the optimum retention to the partial without involving gums for retention and support, the partials are retained with a new design of micro spures so is not visible and it is comfortable.

 So you can smile, eat, talk naturally with self confidence all the time without any worries.

Perflex T-Crystal dentures and appliances are strong and reparable any time is need to add a clasp or teeth.  This light weight, thin and durable nylon thermoplastic compound, is a solution for people that are not interested in invasive surgery or you are during implants stage but you are interested to simulate this stage of rehabilitation are you going true. T crystal dentures will bring you with a comfortable and durable appliance invisible lightweight retentive and aesthetic appliance.

How to care of your new PERFLEX thermoplastic appliance:

1.    Brush your natural teeth without the partial denture in your mouth.

2.    Patient care instructions

Keep your appliance in water or denture solution FLEXI CLEAN when you are not wearing it.

Continue to visit your dentist for a control of the denture and your remaining teeth.

Clean you denture with PERFLEX FLEXI CLEAN Concentrated denture cleaner.

Your Dentist may carry PERFLEX FLEXI CLEANER If not, please contact us at:info@perflexltd.com