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Polishing kit - General Instructions
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Polishing kit - General Instructions


Buffing machine final polish for Flexi nylon and Perflex T-Crystal


1.  Apply POLIFAST wet pumice onto the gums of the Perflex appliance and run it along a wet rag wheel (brown leader center) on a buffing machine. You should wear protective glasses while working to keep any particles from getting into your eyes.

2.  Replace a new rag buff (brown leader center) hold the blue buffing bar against the moving buffing wheel to apply a thick coat around the perimeter of the wheel.

3.  Dip the Perflex appliance into a container of water and run it against the blue covered wheel until you acquire a deep shine on the surface. Frequently put the Perflex appliance into the water to keep the material from overheating during the buffing.

4.  Switch to a brown bristle brush on the buffing machine and buff the Perflex appliance thoroughly on a low speed. This will remove any remaining blocking the Perflex appliance from having a clear, shiny look.

5.  Apply a high-shine white bar compound on the edge of a clean rag wheel (blue center) and buff the Perflex appliance to a final, high shine. This compound will bring out all of the depth of the shine created by the buffing agent.

6.  Set the Perflex appliance into an ultrasonic bath to cleanse and remove any remaining dirt or residue.


Note: All of the needed items can be purchased through Perflex directly or local dealers.

Do not apply any of the buffing agents or wheels to the teeth or you will scratch the enamel off.