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ISOSEP FILM Instructions

ISOSEP FILM  Extra thin separator for injection molding is specially formulated for Perflex T-crystal and Perflex Acry free thermoplastics.

Suitable to be used as separator for conventional acrylics and gypsum to gypsum separator.



When using as separator for Perflex T-CRYSTAL injection:

Take the 2 flask halves from boiling water 8 min before injection dry out  remaining water with compressed air , apply 2 thin coats over mold surfaces using a soft brush, let a minute to dry and apply immediately   one  thin coat of ISOSEP - OIL with a soft small brush over mold surfaces only. Close flask to inject (4 screws) and place into injector 3 min. before injection or when alarm sound to inject SMART 101 super injector.

When using as separator for Perflex ACRY-FREE  injection:

Proceed as the same as with Peflex T-CRYSTAL apply only 2-3 thin coats with a small soft brush of ISOSEP FILM - ONLY. Let to dry, insert flask 1 min before injection or when Alarm sound to inject with SMART 101 super injector. 

When using between flask halves for separation after boilout:

Allow gypsum to harden and set completely, When used for injection molding, attach sprue wax first. Apply thin, even coat of ISOSEP FILM with a soft brush and cover all exposed gypsum surfaces, Allow to dry completely, place the flask in cold  water for 15min before pouring second half gypsum investment.

CAUTION: Thick areas of ISOSEP FILM separator may cause separation of injected areas. Be sure to apply thin coats.

WARNING: Please wear heat resistant protective gloves during process.

Protect from sun, storage in a cool dark dry place

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