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We welcome you to join us
We welcome you to join us

Perflex Ltd. Excellence in quality materials.

Perflex, leading manufacturer and innovators of biocompatible thermoplastics for aesthetic dentures by injection molding systems, launches a premium semi-flexible thermoplastic Perflex T-Crystal, which bonds to acrylics, suitable for metal-free dentures and implant-retained over- dentures.

Very fast become to be the preferred material of choice.  For all kind of removable dentures. Now it's possible to reline and repair or adjust immediate dentures with simple acrylic resin.

Since the rigidity of the material this new thermoplastic lets not to involve metal bulky constructions to achieve rigidity. With this grate advantage we gain a lot of place to make the most aesthetic and comfort dentures and appliances.

We put our accent on the advantages needed on existing thermoplastics, firmly on the oral cavity, not compromising gums providing the most aesthetic appliance in the world! The new transparent -translucent rigid thermoplastic with an engineered degree of flexibility in thin part as in clasps.

Not by chance Perflex LTD manufactures and designed with a lot of experience and research dental thermoplastics for more than 15 years, we upgraded existing flexible thermoplastics Flexi nylon improve better mechanical properties, perfect stability with a engineered degree of  flexibility.

Acry free our non-allergenic high impact acrylic is 10 times more resistant to breakage than conventional acrylics.

Dentures, develops different types of materials with improved advantages in quality, performance and simplicity of the process for elaboration besides the fact of being "Dentist friendly to work with". 

Perflex innovative thermoplastics and products provide excellence in professional training at our dental laboratory or in your country, Our Dentists lectures speech on our implant retained over dentures and the entire line of improved advantages in our thermoplastics. We are dedicated to service you with all the products you need performance dental thermoplastics to fulfill your patients needs, aesthetic partial dentures we guarantee your patients a natural looking smile and comfort they need non allergic reaction, comfortable, light weight and easy to adapt.  

New modern dentistry demands the lasts top trends innovations, excellent service and professional support

We invite you to enjoy from our experience and leadership in thermoplastic innovations for the full smiles of your patients.

We welcome you to join us and let your Dentists and their patients a big smile :) 

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